Candid Conversations and Code at the Michigan Science Center

Michigan Science Center

Jul 21, 2017 , 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

More than 30 years ago, three young, black engineers—Steven Moore, Charles Simmons and David Tarver—left promising careers at the world’s foremost technology company to start their own telecommunications electronics company, Telecom Analysis Systems (TAS). TAS became a leader in its field and supplied customers in more than 25 countries. Twelve years after they started, they sold the company for $30 million. Their business success, which followed numerous milestones in the American civil rights movement, was accomplished without the help of outside investors, government grants or business development programs.

What motivated these young men to take such a daring entrepreneurial leap? How did they navigate the complex minefields of race relations, technological innovation and business strategy? This edition of Candid Conversations and Code will answer these questions and much more. The journey undertaken by these men underscores the power of STEM knowledge and entrepreneurship, but it also sheds light on why the kind of success they achieved is still rare today.

Moderated by award-winning journalist Rochelle Riley.

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