Erie Hack water innovation competition kick-off @TechTown


Feb 23, 2017 , 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Join us on Thursday, February 23 for the official Erie Hack: Innovate Around the Lake: Challenge Kickoff. Erie Hack will put $100,000 and dozens of engineers, coders, developers and other creative minds from across the region to work for our most precious natural resource: Lake Erie. The Erie Hack Challenge Statements have been finalized and will be announced this evening. These statements were distilled from ideation sessions held in each participating city and represent the core challenges facing Lake Erie. Hackers—this is your cue to get ready!

The Challenge Kickoff will also provide details on the competition and acceleration process. If you don’t have a team and are interested in joining one, we’ll help you make connections. Come socialize with people truly passionate about “Great Lakes—Great State.” Find out how you can engage with the Erie Hack and help us launch a project that will drive water-based innovation across the region!

Learn more about Erie Hack here.

To register for the Detroit Kickoff Challenge event, visit