FREE Intro to Coding Workshop in Detroit

Feb 12th - Dec 21st
intro to coding workshop
Feb 12th - Dec 21st
Grand Circus
1570 Woodward Detroit, MI 48226
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Looking to transition to a career in tech? Let us help you on your journey!

At Grand Circus, we believe anyone can become a developer. This FREE Intro to Coding Workshop is designed for those who are curious about coding, but who have very little or no coding experience.

By the year 2020, there will be over one million open computer-programming jobs. Here at Grand Circus, we are aiming to help fill those positions, one coder at a time.

This critical first step towards your new career will provide you with basic programming terminology – like syntax (trust us, it’s an important one!) and give you the opportunity to practice basic programming ideas.

While you won’t leave this workshop a developer, you will learn more about Grand Circus and the steps we have in place to get you there.

What do you need for this class?

  • A laptop with Google Chrome downloaded on it
  • A willingness to learn something new

If you do not have a laptop, please fill out this form 48 hours before the workshop.