Hacking With The Homies Developers Conference

Feb 29th
developers conference
Feb 29th
9:00am - 8:00pm
Community, Meetups

This is the first Software Developer Conference with a 100% focus on Black and Brown software developers and it’s popping off in Detroit on Saturday February 29, 2020

What Makes This Conference Unique:

All sessions will be led by developers and will contain an actual code walk-thru. All presentors have a 3 slide limit and everything else has to be code. We want attendees to be exposed to some of the hottest topics in software development. You can follow along on your laptop or you can test the code out later because each speaker will provide a Github repo with the completed code.

We have an Happy Hour after the conference where you can network and mingle with other developers

Where Does The Profits Go?

The profits from the conference will go to funding Detroit Black Tech initiatives and events. Conferences are expensive so we don’t expect a large profit, but we rather offer the Detroit Black Tech community an experience such as this conference versus asking for membership dues or donations.


Early Bird Tickets is $75 and ends on Dec 29th