Mentor with VFA

Oct 30th - Dec 11th
Oct 30th - Dec 11th
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Venture for America believes that connecting its Fellows with experienced entrepreneurs, industry experts, and seasoned professionals is essential to their success as aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders.

As a VFA Mentor, you will work closely with one Fellow for three months, offering them career advice and strategies to support their professional growth. Mentors and Fellows are matched based on weighted criteria including role, industry, and location. At the end of the three-month period, you are free to continue working together if it is a good fit or let the relationship come to a close and (hopefully!) sign up to get matched with a new Fellow during our next mentorship cycle.

Your Commitment:
-1 in-person or virtual meeting a month for 3 months (minimum)
-Complete a pre-mentorship matching survey and a post-mentorship feedback survey

If you are interested in signing up to be a mentor, please complete the below. After completing this form you will receive your matching survey which you need to complete BEFORE DEC. 1!

For more info: