Motor City Re-Store Application Deadline – April 1st

Mar 1st - Apr 1st
Mar 1st - Apr 1st

Motor City Re-Store gives Detroit’s neighborhood businesses a boost in curb appeal through matching grants that improve their storefronts, making our commercial corridors more walkable, more attractive, and better for business.

If you are a Detroit business owner, we want to help you beautify your storefront and contribute to the vibrancy of your neighborhood! If you rent your space, you and your landlord should apply together in one application.

Who can apply?

  • For profit business owners who are open and operating in a commercial storefront in the City of Detroit and will stay in their location for 5 or more years
    • Not-for-profit and franchised organizations are INELIGIBLE to apply
    • For-profit business owners renting from not-for-profit or faith-based building owners are ELIGIBLE to apply
  • Building owners who have a lease with a business that is open and operating in their property in the City of Detroit
  • Businesses/landlords looking to improve their storefront and are willing to fully participate in program requirements and commit to design standards for their exterior improvements. Check out the Re-Store Program Guidelines for more details on eligibility and program requirements