REDF Accelerator

Jun 10th - Jul 29th
REDF Accelerator
Jun 10th - Jul 29th

The REDF Accelerator brings together a cohort of incredible social enterprise leaders who are using a transitional employment model to help their employees overcome barriers and successfully transition into competitive, long-term employment. Our Fellows receive expert guidance on core business competencies, employee support programs, and the opportunity to plug into a network of like-minded peers. To learn about the experience of being part of the Accelerator, click here to read blogs written by alumni.

Curriculum & Outcomes
The core curriculum focuses on the following key areas:

  • Marketing, messaging & communication
  • Strategic planning & operations
  • Develop an employee supports program that provides stability to your employees as your social enterprise grows
  • Financial planning to calculate your double bottom line and social return on investment
  • Analyze business operations to identify gaps in current business and service delivery
  • Provide tools to support growth and scale in revenue and people employed at your enterprise

The Accelerator also equips Fellows with the tools to:

  • Improve your strategic thinking and planning skills
  • Set (and execute!) bold professional and personal goals
  • Diagnose and overcome business challenges through a growth mindset approach
  • Develop strong relationships with peers leading social enterprises across the country
  • Better understand your audience and craft a compelling business pitch
  • Expand local and national professional networks