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At NEI we are changing the face of our future by helping make thousands of ideas become the next economic engine. Granting. Convening. Changing a culture. All while getting the entrepreneurs and small businesses that will drive it, what they need, when they need it.

$500,000 in cash awards.
32 existing businesses.
Detroit. Hamtramck. Highland Park.

Berry Gordy was a business man who knew a good song when he heard one. But even with success, he wondered, “Why write songs for a company in New York only to be paid pennies on the dollar in royalties?” He had a bigger idea: bottle a sound, polish it up, and package it for the world under one roof in Detroit. Gordy just needed a little nudge and, in 1959, he got one. An $800 loan from his family (the equivalent of $6,400 today) helped Gordy build Motown Records and grow a legacy.

So, what’s your idea?

How does it work? Simple. You provide the idea, in two-hundred words. We provide the money to make it happen. NEIdeas will award a total of $500,000 through the below two types of awards. Entry for applications opens on May 8th.



It’s hard to imagine a life without a home, one lived without the comforts of a modern existence. If you live in Detroit or spend any time in the city its no secret that there a great deal of people who are struggling and many without a roof over their head. There are more than 20,000 homeless people in the Detroit, and close to 35,000 in the metro area. Some estimates put the number of people without homes in the state of Michigan... More...

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