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At NEI we are changing the face of our future by helping make thousands of ideas become the next economic engine. Granting. Convening. Changing a culture. All while getting the entrepreneurs and small businesses that will drive it, what they need, when they need it.

$500,000 in cash awards.

32 existing businesses.

Detroit. Hamtramck. Highland Park.

Berry Gordy was a business man who knew a good song when he heard one. But even with success, he wondered, “Why write songs for a company in New York only to be paid pennies on the dollar in royalties?” He had a bigger idea: bottle a sound, polish it up, and package it for the world under one roof in Detroit. Gordy just needed a little nudge and, in 1959, he got one. An $800 loan from his family (the equivalent of $6,400 today) helped Gordy build Motown Records and grow a legacy.

So, what’s your idea?

How does it work? Simple. You provide the idea, in two-hundred words. We provide the money to make it happen. NEIdeas will award a total of $500,000 through the below two types of awards. Entry for applications opens on May 8th.


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