Capital On Ramp 

Making Small Business Loans Simple

Access to capital remains an ongoing challenge for small business owners, especially those from underserved communities and those without significant existing capital.

That’s why we created the Capital on Ramp, making the process for applying for small business loans more manageable and accessible.

Capital on Ramp (COR) is a pilot project aimed at clearing a path for experienced business owners to access the funding they need through a straightforward and accessible application process, 1:1 coaching, and a cushion of debt service coverage. COR empowers borrowers to repay their loans while enhancing their financial management capabilities – a game changer for business owners who are running a great business but may have struggled through financial jargon, knowing their true costs, or been turned off by unfamiliar paperwork.

How Does it Work?

  1. Potential borrowers apply to one of the four pilot lending institutions.
  2. Applicants complete a simple, straightforward loan application, telling the story of the business in their own words, guided by written and video explanations along the way.
  3. The chosen lender reviews the application materials and follows usual internal loan approval processes.
  4. Once a loan is approved, the lender and borrower collaborate with coaches and accountants to ensure the business’s long-term financial health and sustainability through a customizable course of proven tools.

Start Your Application

“What I appreciated […] is the simplicity of it. The questions were asked, set up in a basic, non-confusing, simple nature.” – Dr. Rose Moten of Bloom Transformation Center

What Borrowers Think:

Who is Eligible for a Capital on Ramp Loan?

  • Any small business in any industry within Wayne County, MI
  • Any existing small business making money for at least two years
  • Small businesses seeking up to $35,000

What Lenders Offer Capital On Ramp Loans?


Technical Assistance Providers

Technical assistance providers will offer services to business owners, including standardized TA tools, coaching, and education. The technical assistance providers are Ashton Business Consulting, Lifeline Global Consulting, Best Practices Consulting, Accounting Aid Society, American Dream Accounting, and Momentum Bookkeeping.