Entrepreneurism is all the rage these days. You can’t read an article about the economic recovery without hearing about the importance of entrepreneurs in creating new jobs. It is a badge of honor for an owner of a small business to call themselves an “entrepreneur.” Even network TV has created a reality show highlighting entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurism is everywhere.

The Obama administration is making its mark in the world of entrepreneurism as well. This past fall the administration announced the creation of an Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship with the mission “to unleash and maximize the economic potential of new ideas by removing barriers to entrepreneurship and the development of high-growth and innovation-based businesses.” In the upcoming months, Congress and the administration will be crafting a “jobs bill” that will have entrepreneurism as a central theme.

In order to help shape the national dialog and create a voice for entrepreneurs, our friends at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation launched a campaign called ” Build a Stronger America .” The campaign or “Entrepreneurs’ Movement’ advocates for policy changes that levels the playing field between established businesses and start-up companies.

Check out their Web site to sign up to be part of the movement or to share your entrepreneurial story. One of the video stories on the site is from Chris Gardner, the entrepreneur, author and the inspiration behind the film Pursuit of Happyness. Check out the video!