Frederick Paul II

Associate Director, Business Support Network Office
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In March 2024, Frederick Paul II joined the team as the Associate Director of the Business Support Network Office, a partnership between Invest Detroit, the New Economy Initiative (NEI), and Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan (CFSEM), to strengthen and build a support network for Wayne County small businesses, primarily led by underserved individuals and teams (including immigrants, people of color, and women).
Fred brings a wealth of experience as the founder of Fahrenheit 313, Detroit’s hottest sneaker exchange. His entrepreneurial journey underscores a deep-rooted commitment to not only celebrating sneaker culture but also giving back to the community through philanthropic endeavors. Operating his small business on Livernois in Detroit, Fred intimately understands the unique challenges and opportunities that entrepreneurs face in the city and has dedicated himself to fostering positive change.
In his role as Business Support Network Office Associate Director, Fred spearheads various initiatives aimed at fortifying the local small business ecosystem in an equitable, inclusive, and impactful manner. This includes overseeing convening activities, data collection efforts, and communications with BSOs, which play a crucial role in supporting underserved business owners and fostering business growth across all stages. Additionally, Fred contributes to the grant fund established by the partnership, assisting in the grant review process, communicating grant recommendations, and evaluating the performance of the business support network.
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