Satori Shakoor

Here’s an excerpt from a story by Model D Media featuring Startup Story Night, one of NEI’s signature events. For the full story CLICK HERE

Satori Shakoor has a distinct memory of the first time she truly felt the power of storytelling.

She wasn’t stranger to performing, having played instruments since she was a child and been an actor and theater director as an adult. Nor was she a stranger to stories, which, as she describes it, was the language of her childhood.

“People in my community told stories for different purposes. Sometimes to entertain us kids or to scold or teach lessons. Or just because that’s the way they communicated,” she says. “If you grow up speaking spanish, you speak spanish. If grow up telling stories, you tell stories.”

Storytelling came naturally to her. So it’s no wonder that she when she started telling them, people listened. She came in second place at the Moth Detroit GrandSLAM, got asked to host the Moth Slam in Ann Arbor, told a story for the Moth Radio Hour, and even shared a stage with Garrison Keillor, Adam Gopnik, and Richard Price at a Moth Ball fundraiser in New York City…..

Again for the complete story from Model D Media CLICK HERE