Q: When was Intern in Michigan started?

A: Intern in Michigan began in 2008. After several years of support from the New Economy Initiative, an updated website went live late in 2011 offering the capability of making instant internship matches.

Q: What are the goals of the program?

A: Intern in Michigan is a systematic initiative to help Michigan regain its competitive advantage by attracting top talent to high-quality internships. The goal of the program is to reverse the “brain drain” of college-educated Michigan residents by connecting them with early-stage career-building opportunities right here in our state.

Q: What unique benefits does Intern in Michigan offer?

A: Our website helps to streamline the process for employers to find quality internship talent and for young talent to find meaningful work experiences. This is accomplished through advanced technology that instantly makes the best match between the internships offered by employers and the skills and interests of students/young professionals.

In addition to employers looking to fill internships and young talent seeking opportunities, our website is used by student advisors at Michigan colleges and universities to help them support  students who would like to  find internships here rather than moving out of state for opportunities.

Q: Are there any milestones you’d like to report?

A: Since its launch in the fall of 2011, Intern in Michigan has attracted more than 6,000 students and young professionals to the site. Employers have posted more than 1,300 available opportunities. Currently, interns are being actively recruited for more than 500 opportunities. The majority—more than 65%– are paid internships.


Link to Fox 2 News video on Intern in Michigan: