“Maker Spaces” for Local Crafts Producers Add Vitality to Cities

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Makers and small-scale manufacturers can play a key role in revitalizing a city, but there are challenges that must be overcome, according to panelists speaking at the 2018 ULI Spring Meeting in Detroit.

Creating functional spaces for makers requires “patient capital” and landlords willing to see maker space development as a “long-term play,” said Abir Ali, director of design and culture at the Platform, a Detroit-based real estate developer who is also a principal at Ali Sandifer, a handcrafted furniture maker.

It is a myth to say that a glut of space is available in cities like Detroit for young, small-scale manufacturers, according to the panelists in the session, which was moderated by Pamela Lewis, director of the New Economy Initiative (NEI), a group supporting entrepreneurs…

Again this is an excerpt from a full article from the Urban Land Institute. For the complete article Read More Here.