ProsperUS Grantee

My father died wanting this dream I am able to live… This is a lifelong dream to have a marketing company that is my own.

- Nana Danoa Paintsill, Danoa Marketing


ProsperUS provides entrepreneurial training for existing business owners and those who would like to pursue entrepreneurship as a career path. When they complete the training program, ProsperUS grads have access to ongoing technical assistance to help them troubleshoot problems as they grow as entrepreneurs, as well as receive low interest financing for their businesses.

ProsperUS focuses services on traditionally underserved populations, helping them develop and grow neighborhood businesses. NEI is proud to support ProsperUS and contribute to the strengthening of neighborhoods and communities through investment in people and businesses.

Tony Lopez

Lopez Tire & Cabresto Tequila

Tony Lopez

Tony Lopez was raised by an entrepreneur. His father started Lopez Tire thirty years ago, eventually handing it off to Tony when he retired. The shop has done well under Tony’s direction, but there are always things an established entrepreneur can learn to do business better. Tony enrolled in ProsperUS Detroit’s entrepreneurial training program to pick up new skills, such as business plan writing. Perhaps the most important thing Lopez developed through ProsperUS was a network of entrepreneurs in his own neighborhood whom he can turn to for help and vice versa. “It’s like one big happy family,” says Lopez.

Tony Lopez is a serial entrepreneur. He runs another business, Cabresto Tequila, a Detroit-based tequila importer that sources its ingredients from the Lopez family farm in Jalisco, Mexico. Additionally, Lopez is working on re-opening a convenience store in the neighborhood where he grew up in Southwest Detroit. As Lopez continues along his entrepreneurial path, ProsperUS will be there to help.

Nana Dansoa Paintsill

Dansoa Marketing

Nana Dansoa Paintsill

Nana Dansoa Paintsill is living the American Dream her father wanted but was never able to achieve. He died in Ghana before he could come to the U.S. This motivates Nana, who has launched her own company, Dansoa Marketing, with the help of ProsperUS Detroit. Dansoa provides grassroots marketing for small businesses in Detroit. Impressed with her work, ProsperUs has hired Dansoa Marketing as a consultant.